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Superior Quality & Service

We have successfully been making our clients happy for over 30 years.  

Lazer Labs Entertainment is a DJ Service that\’s been entertaining since 1984.  The experience we have gained through the years and the love we have for our profession truly sets us apart from many other DJ services.

We would like to share our knowledge with you, but experience is difficult to demonstrate through a website or a quick phone conversation. This is why we created a showroom in the Louisville area. Our showroom gives our clients an opportunity to meet us, see the quality of our equipment and learn how to plan for a successful event.

We also feel it is important to know that our team of DJ\’s make every effort to attend several DJ conventions each year. At the conventions we further educate ourselves about our industry and bring back new ideas to share with our clients. These creative ideas help us to continue to deliver exciting experiences.

Lazer Labs DJ Services loses business each year to competitors that are less than our equal. Some DJ\’s unsustainable pricing seems to be the reason. It disturbs us when we lose a potential client because of this. Simply put, we can\’t offer the cheapest prices when we hire the best DJ\’s and buy the best equipment. Be a smart consumer and don\’t be fooled by companies or individuals pretending to offer the same thing at a cheaper price. Always remember, in our industry pricing is directly related to quality.

For those of you who think you can\’t afford us you need to ask yourself one question \”How important is the entertainment to my event?\”. If your answer is \”very\” then you can\’t afford not to hire professionals like us. Please take the time to meet us, see our equipment and learn about our entertainment service.

If you would like to support a company that has the love & passion for this industry call us today: 502.419.1011